Microsoft does not endorse or support the use of registry editing and cleaning tools or assume any responsibility for system problems or registry damage resulting from the use of tools. Working with a Windows registry is strictly at your own risk. Given the hazards involved in editing the Windows 10 registry, it’s important to preface any registry edits with a registry backup. This will allow you to be prepared if you need to restore the registry backup in the event of any corruption or damage. As another example, suppose that an uninstalled application left behind an invalid context menu entry in the registry. This issue might cause the context menu to take noticeably longer to appear in Windows Explorer when a user right-clicks on an app in the explorer.

  • There is no perfect way – all implementations have their own problems.
  • Once you add key value pairs to the registry, you should generally not touch those entries.
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  • Remember that if you’re making any major changes to Windows based on online advice, you should always create a restore point first.
  • This likely occurs when cells are reused multiple times resulting in references that could appear valid if not carefully scrutinized.

You will want to ensure that the recommended value for the Send Diagnostic and Usage Telemetry Data setting is set to Basic or above and NOT set to Security. Select 2 to 30 days in the Feature updates drop down list to set the number of days you want for its deadline. Select 2 to 30 days in the Quality updates drop down list to set the number of days you want for its deadline.

#Fix 6: Run SFC and DISM to Repair System File Corruption

Click sign up for a new one, and then skip to the procedure “To create or register a Microsoft account” in the “Manage settings for any user account” section of this topic. Microsoft Family Safety is an impressive system for safeguarding against young family members accidentally accessing inappropriate content on the Internet. It allows you to place restrictions on their computer usage and provides you with reports that you can use to spot problems. Family Safety was introduced with Windows 7, and has evolved with each version of Windows. If you’ve used it in the past, it’s a good idea to revisit now to make sure the settings are up to date for the way your children use the computer. If you have administrator credentials, you can change these properties for any user account.

How to change the default auto-restart deadline for updates

This includes your Microsoft account, Windows Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Mail, and other Microsoft apps. If you don’t use these Microsoft services like many people, you really don’t need this sync service running. As with other services that are set to Automatic startup type, right-click and select Properties. Select Stop to stop the service if it’s running, and then set the startup type to Disabled. Once you complete the steps, Windows 11 will free up space making more room to store other files. Also, since you are enabling the feature, Storage Sense will run automatically during low available drive space. Under the “Additional settings” section, turn off the “Automatically save my restartable apps and restart them when I sign back in”toggle switch.

Assignment Windows 10 Update ring to a group

Navigate to the “Privacy & security” menu and move to the “Diagnostics & feedback” settings section. If you don’t want to use Windows 11’s new features like Voice Typing and Voice Access that use Microsoft’s online speech recognition, you can very well turn it off. This will stop Microsoft from sending your voice data to the cloud, thus, preserving your privacy. First, press the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” to open the Settings app. Now, move to “Privacy & security” from the left sidebar and click on “General” openal32.dll under “Windows permissions” in the right pane. After you complete the steps, the new size will apply to the mouse pointer.